Lack of liquidity is a major challenge most angel and early-stage investors generally face after investing in a startup. Exchange Direct helps to give these investors some relief by providing liquidity against their investments.

Differing from Angels+, a capital formation program giving startups the ability to provide angels and early-stage investors access to liquidity within 24 months, Exchange Direct focus on mature startups further along in their development. Generally, these companies have been curated and strategically funded by reputable accelerators and angel investors and have operated between 12 and 36 months.

Angel investors can wait as much as 10 years before a liquidity event occurs. The Exchange Direct program dramatically reduces this duration risk while offering the angel and early-stage investor with both a liquid instrument and an appreciable asset that can potentially increase returns.

We understand the challenges facing angel and early-stage investors, along with the accelerators that support them; particularly where it regards challenges with liquidity. With Exchange Direct, it’s a good time to be an investor as we unlock the illiquidity in startups; making early-stage investing exciting again.

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*Duration Risk as used here, intends to convey risk of losing a principal investment the longer (time) the it takes for a liquidity event to occur.