Check Out: WorkDone Inc. – A Tokenized, AI Digital Workforce Platform Developer

Whether its autonomous vehicles, or digital assistants such as Apple’s Siri, or Amazon’s Alexa, the race to Artificial Intelligence dominance is on; sparking what some are calling The Next Industrial Revolution.

Given that some of the most adopted technologies over the past few decades are the ones that simplify our lives, it’s not difficult to imagine a future where artificial intelligence (A.I. or AI) transforms the way we work. In many cases, several tech experts believe artificial intelligence will ultimately replace humans with software and machines. That’s why, when LA-based tech startup, WorkDone Inc., came across the vetting desk at Digital Arts Media Network (“DigitalAMN”), we were intrigued.

WorkDone is developing an AI platform that caters to small and large organizations looking to deploy a digital workforce composed of software bots. The bots are developed by learning the input of humans. Once learned, the patent-pending “WorkDone Expertise Capture” platform can perform the same tasks autonomously.

DigitalAMN foresees a strong future for WorkDone in how it stands out from other AI digital workforce competitors. In the case of WorkDone’s platform, the digital workforce “agents” are tokenized – meaning they are available for hire through WorkDone’s marketplace. For WorkDone, residing on the blockchain has its own unique advantages as it relates to trust, transparency, and accuracy. Being tokenized however, offers clients a flexible subscription and pricing model.

Digital Arts Media Network expects a healthy marketplace for AI-based digital workforces and predicts that this type of technology will ultimately be adopted among large enterprises. Jobs that we expect to be automated can be found in Finance, Accounting, Insurance, Customer Service, Consumer Goods Packaging, Healthcare, and the Capital Markets to name a few. We believe that Mr. Joe Rogers and his WorkDone team, will be amongst the few that carve out a niche and sizable market share within the AI marketplace. For this reason [partly], WorkDone has made it to our PORTFOLIO PROSPECTS list.

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