Angels+ helps accelerate the investment process for startups by reducing the *duration risk angel investors experience when funding startups by significantly decreasing the anticipated time horizon for liquidity.

Angel investors can wait as much as 10 years before a liquidity event occurs.  This often hinders a startup’s ability to secure the initial investment from an angel investor, or receiving additional capital.

Angels + fixes this problem by allowing the startup to leverage the public equity of Digital Arts Media Network; passing it on to their Angel Investor as a sweetener.   This sweetener is given to the angel investor at no addition cost whatsoever to the angel investor.  The angel investor can begin accessing liquidity within 24 months.

We understand the challenges facing angel investors, accelerators and startups when it comes to securing capital under such long time restrictions.  With Angels+, it’s a good time to be a startup as we accelerate the funding process; making angel investing exciting again.


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*Duration Risk as used here, intends to convey risk of losing a principal investment the longer (time) the it takes for a liquidity event to occur.