As a Public Accelerator-Incubator (PAI), Digital Arts Media Networks intends to shake up the status quo… championing a conversation for economic change through the introduction of valued start-up and high-growth development stage companies from the tech space, to all investors equally.

To do this, we first derive insight from those private investment vehicles favored by well-heeled investors. We then look to leverage those markets which are more forgiving and easily accessible to the less hardy investor. Using some of the very same principals of disruption, we then apply that methodology to the financial services investment model. That, finally to deploy, an equitable and lucrative investment vehicle that like a rising tide, floats all ships.

In order to inspire a conversation of change and socio-economic healing, the founders of Digital Arts Media Network believe that opportunity, on every level, must find its way to all investors, evenly across the spectrum. We believe the impetus will not solely be found in challenging the system, but greatly more so in challenging ourselves.

We believe that it should not be too much to ask that all investors, of every class and status, have the inherent right to deploy capital relative to their risk profile; participating fairly, in the same exact ventures… at the same exact time.

We are all about doing independently well, while doing collectively good. That is Digital Arts Media Network.